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Supporting bereaved children & their families in Kent
↗ view site: holdingonlettinggo.org.uk

How we helped the charity Holding On Letting Go update their website.

the project

With their support services ever more in demand, the Holding On Letting Go team was planning an overall refresh of their brand. Updated logo in hand, our challenge was to create a website which would do the work of this wonderful charity justice and promote their efforts. Offering help to young children, their families as well as professionals, the new site needed to be inviting and hopeful to support those in need and attract those able to help.

work done

  • planning for information architecture and user experience
  • design for typography, colour and layout based on new logo
  • design & production of illustrative graphics
  • setup of custom admin functions
  • development of WordPress theme
  • user setups and site launch

... thank you so very much for designing a wonderful website for us - it really looks great and shows off what we do, and how we can help bereaved families, so well... we are thrilled!

Vanessa Savige, trustee
  1. planning

    The team had already gone through one round of updates to established a new logo and new direction for the site. We joined the discussion and after many fruitful debates, we confirmed a new site plan.

  2. work cycle

    While the Holding On Letting Go team worked on collating and producing fresh content, we began work on the design foundations. Their services in high demand meant quite asynchronous work between feedback and sign-offs but progress was steady and fluent.

  3. launch

    The updated site was launched and now enabled the team to update and maintain the site themselves, adding news and success stories as they happen.


site plan
planning for content structure and website audit of current site, review of existing planning notes and final site plan
envelope, paper and magnifying glass graphics
'refer a child' icons
book file, files and pencil graphics
icons for staff section / file downloads
baseball cap and book graphics
'get help & support' icons
colour swatches and type samples
type & colour based on given logo
sub section icons
icons for help activities for "How you can help" section

a little glimpse into admin

about page screenshot
WordPress admin screenshot