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Susan Oman: Understanding well-being data

Website for the open access book 'Understanding well-being data'.

↗ view site: well-beingdata.com

the project

Susan is Lecturer in Data, AI and Society at the University of Sheffield and was looking to create a website that would put her latest publication online. The book was published as open access by Palgrave Macmillan in 2021 and the website went live at the same time, offering the full content for online reading.

This project's aim was to design a website that would reflect the book in detail, mirror its structure including footnotes and references ~ allowing readers to dip in and out, or to read the book in full.

PHASE I: work done

  • analysis of the book, its content and structure
  • design planning for interface and interlinking of content
  • design for contents overviews and links between pages
  • typesetting and layout design for readability and accessibility
  • design for footnotes, figures and tables

I asked her to design a website that would show off the contents of my academic book and make it accessible and usable for students and people who work in policy and social and cultural sectors. What Prisca delivered way exceeded my expectations.

Susan Oman, academic author

Book section

site screenshot: about
site screenshot: about
book contents full chapter index with links
site screenshot: about
full book contents below chapter content
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chapter contents overview with links

Chapter overview

site screenshot: chapgter content
chapter contents overview

PHASE II: additional content

  • planning for new additions
  • design for bespoke related content
  • preparations for updates to new announcements

media hub

media hub
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films on player.sheffield.ac.uk branded page to tie into university styling