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photo journalism / creative still-life photography
↗ view site: davidbrunetti.com

How we helped David Brunetti to update his web presence via two focused websites

the project

David’s website had been online for years. With sporadic updates and added sections over time, the site outgrew its initial structure and setup and was in need of a major overhaul. Still happy with the design yet unable to fully take control of his content, David was looking for an update which would refresh the existing design a little and collect all fragmented content into a single new site, powered by an easy-to-use CMS.

work done

  • audit of current website to confirm plans for updates
  • consultation on content strategy and planning
  • updates for better UX
  • logo design update
  • production of custom WordPress theme
  • custom layout with easy edit admin function

As a client on this project, I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything, all I had to do was make a few basic decisions and provide content, Prisca did the rest.

David Watson, conference organiser
  1. planning We started by reviewing the large collection of work together and discussing the new goals of the website. With a clear direction to overhaul the content structure - we agreed on a project plan.
  2. work cycle While David and his partner Anne worked on consolidating content, editing and updating text, we worked on the design prototype and set up WordPress.
  3. launch The site was launched and featured the latest publications. Soon after, we worked on a sister site to promote David’s commercial work separately.


review of site, June 2016 content structure and site menu
UX consideration addressing inconsistencies
typeface comparisons form details: Century Gothic & Questrial
typesizing final setting of full name in 2 lines
website planning expandable left column menu and gallery layout

a little glimpse into admin

speakers page screenshot
WordPress admin screenshot

new website 2017

With his photography business taking off, David came back to us to setup a new site with a different focus. It was to become the commercial arm of his business and feature the same design, with fitting new typographical logo and dark colour scheme.

site nav mockup
cool dark brown / antique blue / white
individual conference menu mockup
warm muted slate grey / antique gold / white
progamme page mockup
warm contrast dark brown / antique gold / white
final design for brunettiphotography.com ↗