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Independent film production,
Hungary / Uruguay
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Promoting Librecine across two countries and sites

the project

Comprised of two companies in different countries, Librecine is an independent film production company. Librecine Uruguay is dedicated to documentaries, cultural and educational programming, and Librecine Hungary focuses on narrative fiction for family films and dramas. They needed a web presence to showcase their work across two sites.

work done

  • planning for site structure, design and SEO
  • design for website: typography, colour and layout
  • design & development for variations of layout
  • custom admin functions for ease of updates with various media types
  • additional focus and optimisations for fast loading
    (low-speed connections and varying devices expected)
  • development of WordPress theme & launch on final domain/s

Eyedea Studio was a true collaborator in both the design, branding and technical aspects of developing this new website concept. The result was launched in time for the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and the industry response has been outstanding, driving an increasing volume of business to our companies.

Anna Jancsó, founder/producer
  1. planning

    Anna was very clear about her objectives and a plan for content and design was swiftly confirmed. A clear and consistent design as well as structure was to be done for both sites - with extra attention paid to performance.

  2. work cycle

    After sign-off on the style prototype, work progressed with design proposals as live pages. With a tight deadline, we focused on frequent requests for feedback and testing as work progressed.

  3. launch

    We prepared the manual, setup admin users and launched the site ready for promotion at the Toronto International Film Festival.


type and colour samples
typeface & colour extended colour scheme and new typeface for site design
image gallery layout: single image
image gallery layout: two images
image gallery layout: three images
wireframe + mockup
film page layout and mockup
wireframe + mockup
upcoming projects page layout and mockup

a little glimpse into admin

project page screenshot
WordPress admin screenshot