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Jo Bates: Critical Data Studies

Website for 'Patterns in Practice', a Life of Data project.

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the project

Jo is Senior Lecturer in Information Politics and Policy at the University of Sheffield who was looking to put her wide range of projects and research online. With a new project just beginning, the time was right to overhaul her own site and create a new platform for the new research work.

The work was therefore split into two parts: the update of the current site with a design refresh and the branding, design and development of a new site for 'Patterns in Practice'. The aim was two very distinct sites which featured some commonalities for the design and interaction to complement each other.

PHASE I: work done

  • review of current design
  • update of site design, type and colour treatments
  • design of new theme, in keeping with the core layout methods of the current design
  • update to all media and feature visuals
  • WordPress theme build, setup and configuration

I had a fantastic experience working with Eyedea Studio on the redevelopment of my personal website and a new research project website. Prisca and her team did a great job on the design and branding of both sites. I found them to be responsive and easy to work with, and incredibly helpful dealing with a query I had after the handover. Happy to recommend!

Jo Bates, senior lecturer & researcher
  1. review

    With Jo's site already delivering well, we reviewed the design and discussed changes and updates for the design refresh.

  2. work cycle

    Keeping what worked and improving on typesetting and layout, we built the new theme which now presents Jo's vast body of work better.

  3. ready

    With the design for Jo's main site in hand, we prepared the setup for the addition of the other new site for 'Patterns in Practice'.

life of data

site screenshot: about
homepage refreshed design for left navigation panel
site screenshot: about
about Jo
speech bubble visuals
Publications Index clear overview with content toggles for easy reading

PHASE II: design work done

  • brand design for 'Patterns in Practice'
  • logo design
  • icon design for use on social media
  • site design for layout, type and colour
  • illustrations for use as feature images on project blog

PHASE II: dev work done

  • theme design & build
  • setup of multi-site + addition of new project site
  • configuration of theme/plugin settings
  • user setups for admins and editors
  • maintenance and backup settings
  1. branding Keeping in mind the clear mission of 'Patterns in Practice', we designed a logo and icon set and created a fitting colour scheme with a strong font pairing.
  2. work cycle We iterated and refined the branding following the feedback from Jo and her team. Once confirmed, the design was then extended to the website itself.
  3. launch This update was built on the final server to test the multisite setup from the very start. Once complete and tested, both sites were launched for the start of the new year (2022).

Patterns in Practice

site screenshot: about
logo design initial experiments
site screenshot: about
design iterations further experiments & explorations for line and shape
site screenshot: about
logo vertical graphic
site screenshot: about
logo final design
site screenshot: about
branding typeface & colours
site screenshot: about
icon colour treatments
site screenshot: about
website homepage logo in situ, offset line elements framing content
site screenshot: about
team page mobile view
site screenshot: about
project blog featuring the illustrations