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Social enterprise working to make every house a home
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How we helped London Rebuilding Society update their website

the project

London Rebuilding Society is a social enterprise specialising in services which provide access to finance and support for individuals. Stuck with an old and hard to use website – our collaboration produced the updated site with new content structure in a fresh design.

Five years later, services had evolved and the website now required an update to reflect recent changes and share new success stories. We worked with the team again, this time to refresh the design and setup new features.

work done 2019

  • review and update of overall setup, removal of obsolete functions
  • content strategy and site planning to reflect changes to services
  • update to header and site menu
  • setup of new features, e.g. before<|>after photo viewer
  • update to WordPress theme & addition of requested SEO tools
  1. planning

    Working with Naomi and Anduela, we reviewed the site and planned updates to design and functions. Now working nation-wide, our goal was to sharpen focus on new connections and highlight recent successes.

  2. work cycle

    Work on the update was done in unison. Anduela updated content and provided new material. We worked on a copy of the site on the test server. Once complete, final checks were done by both teams.

  3. launch

    Upon completion, we created additional admin users and liaised with the hosting company for update to SSL. The update was launched in time for Naomi's talk at the 'Inside Government' event.

a little glimpse into admin

story page screenshot
WordPress admin screenshot

work done 2014

  • icon design for site sections to promote three service areas
  • content strategy and planning for future additions
  • website design including section-specific colour scheme
  • setup of custom admin functions as required
  • development of WordPress theme & launch on final domain

Many thanks to Prisca and her team for the expertise, creativity, professionalism and patience they put into the design and development of our website.

Lana Hersak, site administrator


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