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Research into the role of data in society
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Studies of living with data - how datafication is affecting the lives of ordinary people.

the project

Our brief was to work with Helen and her team to establish a home for previous, current and future research into ‘Living with data’. We collaborated on creating a new identity in keeping with the data concept across some of the other websites. The new logo was expanded upon in illustrations which are to feature in reports, presentations and the new website.

work done

  • design of identity, to relate to the sister sites
  • logo design including variations and icons
  • illustrations for use across different media: documents, presentations and website
  • design for website
  • WordPress theme build, setup and configuration

Whether it’s a straightforward project […], or a more complex website, with multiple different types of content and a complicated structure, as in Living With Data, the folks at eyedea studio always find a solution.

Helen Kennedy, project leader
  1. logo design

    Exploring concepts related to data and society, we completed the logo design which then guided the rest of the designs.

  2. illustrations

    The abstract visual of the logo was then expanded upon to include societal aspects and people as agents of data.

  3. website

    The website includes logo elements as part of the interface and features the illustrations at varying sizes and combinations.

worksnaps: logo design

graphics for related topics
visual concepts data collection / transfer / analysis
six variations of logo ideas
logo design experiments people as agents of data / node branches
horizontal logo version
final logo
vertical logo version
vertical logo
logo icon versions
logo icons

worksnaps: illustrations

figure design
initial proposal for figures generic and gender-neutral forms
iterations on figure designs
iteration for added individuality variations to body proportions, clothing and figure shape
figure designs, final
final figure design
topical illustration
illustration ideas developing visual elements and colour treatment
topical illustration
topical illustration
data collection
topical illustration
topical illustration
data visualisation
overview of template design
template design featuring new graphics for MSWord documents and PowerPoint presentations
illustration theme: Login
illustration theme: data points
data points
illustration theme: targeting
illustration theme: profiling
illustration theme: privacy

worksnaps: website

previous research page screenshot
previous research and submenu
news page screenshot
news posts