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Making sense of data visualisations
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How we helped seeing data evolve their research project's website

the project

This research project studies how people understand big data visualisations. With more and more data collected, analysed and publicised worldwide, it follows that the effects and effectiveness of its presentation is an emerging area of interest and research. This is a fascinating topic which is something that we felt we could both learn from and contribute to.

PHASE I: work done

  • brand & logo design, including style guide
  • design for website: typography, colour and layout
  • site design to support research for the following year
  • setup of sign-up form for research participants
  • development of WordPress theme & site launch

Our Seeing Data website has received a huge amount of praise, from people in the data visualisation agency and many, many others.

Helen Kennedy, project leader
  1. planning Planning of this project tied into the overall research activities, spanning two years and defined by two phases.
    PHASE I: to recruit researchers and promote the project
    PHASE II: final update to establish the site as a resource website
  2. work cycle For the first phase, we focused on creating an identity for the project which the researchers would feel affinity with. We all worked to our agreed schedule and both content and design evolved together, ensuring a swift completion of the first site version.
  3. launch The new site was launched, ready for new sign-ups. Over the following year, we remained in regular contact to implement any additions or updates the team would need.

worksnaps, phase 1

initial experiments exploring the research team's ideas
finalising logo design typefaces for logo and site, colour and final logo and icons
plan for sub/menu and interactions showing submenu and tabbed presentation of topics
style prototype live demo as webpage to establish cornerstones of design
final website menus for two sections: call for participation and introduction to project

PHASE II: work done

  • design of visualisations to support written content sections
  • design and production of motion graphics and title screens for inclusion in feature videos
  • setup interactive quiz (designed by research team)
  • expansion of site sections & extension of colour scheme
  • promotional material for print
  • review & update to WordPress theme

It’s been an enormous boost to our project to have had our website made by Eyedea Studio.

Helen Kennedy, project leader
  1. planning With plenty of findings to share, the planning for the second phase included updates to extend the website's sections, graphic style for new visualisation as well as motion graphics and an interactive quiz.
  2. work cycle Team work across the different aspects continued with stages of feedback and iterations. Graphic style for all graphics was confirmed, all material edited and shared until production was complete.
  3. launch This major update was build on the test server - tested thoroughly for functionality and performance. Once complete, the project site was updated.
colour scheme update light background with additional colours for new site sections
menu update featuring final new colour combimations
proposed graphic style for visualisations
graphics for animation for ‘How a visualisation is made’ video
graphics for animation for ‘What is data visualisation?’ video
profile visual used for quiz prompts and feedback as well as in ‘What is data visualisation?’ video
ideas and experiments for A3 promotional poster