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How we worked with Belinda to update her tonic for the heart website

the project

Teaching chi kung with tai chi, dao yin and bagua, Belinda was expanding her classes and workshops. Her site had been online for a number of years and now needed an update to allow her to keep all information up to date and readily available.

work done

  • review of current website
  • planning for promotion of classes and use of calendar
  • design using given logo and textures
  • production of custom WordPress theme
  • site launch and manuals handover

As a creative person for an art school background I wanted a website that represented me […] My site is beautifully clear, focused & I love it! Belinda Ackermann, chi kung teacher

  1. planning Belinda had a clear plan as well as a direction for the design already. We began by reviewing her site and planning for both promotion of her classes and the related blog.
  2. work cycle With new courses coming up, a holding page went up while we built the site. Belinda provided content and produced new videos and progress was smooth.
  3. launch The site went live before the new classes kicked off and her students were happy to post testimonials on her new site.


logo and texture created by Belinda; colour scheme using natural browns with blue with pink accents
site nav mockup
calendar showing schedule of classes
individual conference menu mockup
location addresses and map
progamme page mockup
photo gallery as published under ‘thoughts’
website atmosphere through animated colour transitions