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Top Lip Kit

↗ view site: toplipkit.co.uk

Brand and web design for 'Top Lip Kit', Ladies Facial Hair Removal Kit, a beauty product by Sugarflick.

the project

Top Lip Kit is the first beauty product created by Fee who founded Southampton's first body sugaring salon, Sugarflick, in 2005. After many requests for facial hair removal she wanted to create a DIY kit, designed specifically to remove hair from the upper lip, chin areas and also tidy brows ~ using her own sugar paste. The pandemic lockdown brought time to research and develop this little kit. Fee created a beauty treatment that was natural, vegan and sustainable, and gained Leaping Bunny approval.

We collaborated with Fee on the brand design of this new product, its logo and packaging as well as the website to sell it online. Based in the UK, using natural ingredients and only UK-based production, we went through various stages and iteration to create a brand new identity which would still somewhat link to Sugarflick.

PHASE I: work done

  • design for new logo
  • overall brand design & guidelines
  • design for box, tin label and info leaflet
  • design of promotional material
  • production of visuals for online profiles

Having worked with Prisca for 17 years plus now, knowing my sugaring salon would not be what it is today without her - I knew my new product would flourish if designed by her.

Fee Birnie

Logo design, concepts & evolution

site screenshot: about
Sugarflick concept initial experiments
site screenshot: about
sugar beet concept sketches from Fee and explorations for line and shape
site screenshot: about
letter experiments (bold) initials with circles
site screenshot: about
full words experiments words + lines/corners
site screenshot: about
circular frames experiments: lines/letters
site screenshot: about
words with dots experiments (dismissed)
site screenshot: about
'Top of the Pops' inspired concept considerations for legibility
site screenshot: about
iterations circle with full words, intersections
site screenshot: about
iterations feedback sketches
site screenshot: about
further experiments finalising details
site screenshot: about
brand consistency demo of circle dynamic
site screenshot: about
final visuals & colour dark grey & orange

PHASE II: work done

  • design for website and e-commerce
  • photo editing and optimisation
  • interactive feature for homepage
  • intro video to show box contents
  • creation of 80 feature images
  • addition of banner sliders
  • creation of promotional visuals for newsletter campaign
  • banner images for social media

Eyedea Studio are a professional hard working team that were not only able to extend my brand to my new product but also create a new clean, crisp and concise website. Prisca and her team are an absolute Godsend. I am very lucky indeed.

Fee Birnie

product launch

box content intro video
site screenshot: about
promotional banners showing box with contents
site screenshot: about
email newsletter product launch campaign
site screenshot: about
homepage feature: box content with download for instructions leaflet
site screenshot: about
philosophy page mobile view
site screenshot: about
sales page for kit and extras