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Taking the exhibition 'Views from the Blue' online during the pandemic

the project

Dr Elisa Serafinelli is a Research Fellow at the Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield. Part of her current research was a plan for an exhibition of photographs taken by drones. The pandemic threw all plans and Elisa needed a site to take this exhibition online. The site was also to become home of her past, current and future work.

work done

  • design of illustration for header/footer visuals
  • site design for research archives
  • design for online exhibition with survey
  • WordPress theme build, setup and configuration
  1. planning

    Content in hand, we worked on the site plan to structure the work included. The exhibition was discussed in detail and specifics confirmed for design of gallery and the survey.

  2. work cycle

    After the illustration was confirmed, the design prototypes presented type, layout and colour treatments. A few iterations later, the design was implemented as WordPress theme.

  3. launch

    The site was launched was launched alongside the Pint of Science exhibition, extending the duration of the event and collecting reactions via site and survey.


speech bubble visuals
graphic elements exploring visuals
speech bubble graphics as headings
colour mono vs multi tone
about page mockup
current research page final header visual and site design


site nav mockup
exhibition atmosphere colour desaturation
individual conference menu mockup
exhibition atmosphere colour inverted
progamme page mockup
exhibition atmosphere light balance
about page mockup
exhibit page site header, menu and footer subdued, enhanced focus on presented photo