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feature shot of Librecine
↗ view site: librecine.com

Independent film production, Uruguay/Hungary

work done: site design with CMS setup for two linked sites [case study →]

feature photo of London Rebuilding Society
↗ view site: londonrebuilding.com

Social enterprise working to make every house a home

work done: site design and updates [case study →]

thumbnail: medication pathway
medication pathway

A resource by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation

work done: implementation of resource as online interactive guide and setup of CMS

thumbnail: talkwebdesign.co.uk

The conference for web students

work done: design for logo & site, CMS setup + seasonal updates [case study →]

thumbnail: webteaching.today

Conference on teaching web design and development

work done: site design & setup + seasonal updates

thumbnail: bluelions.uk

Independent film production, UK, Italy and Hungary

work done: site design with CMS setup

thumbnail: sineadgannon.co.uk

One-to-one counselling & therapy

work done: brand & site design with WordPress setup

thumbnail: seeingdata.org

Making sense of data visualisations

work done: brand & site design, data visualisations & motion graphics [case study →]

thumbnail: soulfunksecret.com

UK Motown, Soul Funk and Dance live band

work done: site design and setup with gig listing and sale of song tracks

thumbnail: phoenixhousingcoop.org

Making empty houses into homes

work done: site update with members-only area, including WordPress setup

thumbnail: davidbrunetti.com

Photojournalism & in-depth documentary photography

work done: site upgrade with CMS setup [case study →]

thumbnail: brunettiphotography.com

Photography for museums, galleries & cultural institutions

work done: site upgrade with CMS setup

thumbnail: williamenglish.com

Filmmaker & radio broadcaster

work done: site upgrade with CMS setup

thumbnail: commonknowledge.org.uk

A professional collective for the common good

work done: brand design & site update with members-only area

thumbnail: jjscider.co.uk

A real taste of the old West Country

work done: feature landscape illustration, design & setup of website

thumbnail: silkandtweed.info

Supporting older citizens

work done:design for logo and site, theme design, site setup and updates

thumbnail: woodtechinteriors.co.uk

Building & carpentry services in Hampshire

work done: site design with CMS setup

thumbnail: inclusivenewmedia.org

Including people with intellectual disabilities in the WWW

work done: illustration & motion graphics, design & setup of website