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When I started my sugaring salon in 2005 - I had no window, no billboards or press, I was in a back room trying to grow. Prisca was my window. I say this because back then websites were still very different to what we have now, the web was a different place and most people spoke to each other in person and not on social medial. Prisca has been a huge influence on me because she believed in me and my business and has 100% helped it grow. With me constantly nagging for posters, fonts, logos and more when I needed a new sign or new cards, she was there. She can pull out a file in nano seconds, I have never met such an organised designer or one who cares so much about the client and the brand.

I have found web people to be quite geeky or people who just do not listen. They do what they want and what they think but Prisca will listen, she will also deliver and not force her opinion, she will suggest, explain and demonstrate why something works and what reflects your brand. Also she is so creative I was totally spoilt. A guru at coding, design, marketing and more, how could I want anything else. She even corrects my grammar, long sentences and spelling. Who does that? and English not being her first language. Shame on me. Prisca has now a team of greatness and together they always deliver and go beyond expectations.

Then came the pandemic and my plan to launch my own product. Having worked with Prisca for 17 years plus now, knowing my sugaring salon would not be what it is today without her - I knew my new product would flourish if designed by her. Eyedea Studio are a professional hard working team that were not only able to extend my brand to my new product but also create a new clean, crisp and concise website. Prisca and her team are an absolute Godsend. I am very lucky indeed.

top lip kit box Fee Birnie, founder of Sugarflick toplipkit.co.uk [Sugarflick case study →] [Top Lip Kit case study →]

I had been involved in a project that had previously benefitted from a Prisca-designed website, and found her really easy to work with and also very good at telling me that what I thought I wanted to do was not what I actually wanted. I asked her to design a website that would show off the contents of my academic book and make it accessible and usable for students and people who work in policy and social and cultural sectors. What Prisca delivered way exceeded my expectations. It's quite simply beautiful! Her support is both generous, perceptive and efficient – all of which are things I appreciate.

logo: living with data Susan Oman, author: Understanding well-being data well-beingdata.com [case study →]

I had a fantastic experience working with Eyedea Studio on the redevelopment of my personal website and a new research project website. Prisca and her team did a great job on the design and branding of both sites. I found them to be responsive and easy to work with, and incredibly helpful dealing with a query I had after the handover. Happy to recommend!

logo: living with data Jo Bates, senior lecturer & researcher lifeofdata.org [case study →]

I have worked with eyedea studio on a number of web design projects over the years and have always been delighted with the results and the process. Communication is always clear and frequent, and it’s easy to discuss progress with Prisca and her team.

Whether it’s a straightforward project with standardised content, as in the case of Data Power [], or a more complex website, with multiple different types of content and a complicated structure, as in Living With Data [], the folks at eyedea studio always find a solution. For the Living With Data project, the team produced a brand pack containing fantastic illustrations, logos and templates that are useful to us in all of our communications and messaging, which we absolutely love.

logo: living with data Helen Kennedy, project lead: Living with data livingwithdata.org [case study →]

I was already familiar with the creative works of Eyedea Studio – they designed my previous employer’s website. We wanted to re-brand ourselves but maintain our original logo and routes. We asked Prisca and her team to use the ‘old’ and to create the ‘new’ – Prisca and her team delivered handsomely.

We have had a lot of compliments and praise from clients and stakeholders alike for our new website and our new brand logo. We would happily work with and recommend Prisca and Eyedea Studio.

feature photo Abdus Saleh, Cromwood Group, Head of Investment and Development cromwood.co.uk [case study →]

We approached Eyedea Studio to create a new website that reflected the changing structure and needs of our company. The website is our main tool to communicate and present past and ongoing work to our professional community and potential partners. We are a company that started off as a creative audiovisual workshop, carrying out work both in Europe and Latin America. In the past years our two companies have become two distinct and separate entities, united nevertheless by our brand name and ethos.

We needed two linked websites that served both entities by providing a unified look while making a clear distinction between the two companies. Furthermore, we needed sites that worked across different devices and allowed for fast loading even in areas with slow internet connections.

A clean, clear design that focuses on our projects was achieved. While our brand remains strong and visible, the websites allow our work to speak for itself. We have also been provided with invaluable advice and expertise on how best to structure content for better visibility and search engine compatibility.

Eyedea Studio was a true collaborator in both the design, branding and technical aspects of developing this new website concept. The result was launched in time for the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and the industry response has been outstanding, driving an increasing volume of business to our companies.

feature shot of Librecine Anna Jancsó, Librecine, founder/producer librecine.com [case study →]

Prisca and her team were brilliant to work with when I wanted to create my first website. From our 1st meeting, right through to going live I found the whole service highly professional, efficient, creative, and client focused. As someone with no experience of creating a website I felt like I was in very capable hands. I was given many different options and Prisca was very patient with my seemingly endless changes! I am delighted with my new website and would highly recommend Eyedea Studio.

feature visuals of 2 chairs Sinead Gannon, Therapist sineadgannon.co.uk [case study →]

We approached Eyedea Studio last year to design a website for us – pavingtheway.works []. The brief was that the website should serve as an online space for information about early intervention for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge.

Because our charity (the Challenging Behaviour Foundation) is made up of a very small team of people, the Paving the Way website looked set to be an enormous project for us – but Prisca and her team were never fazed by the challenges we threw at them. On the contrary, their willingness to go the extra mile, be flexible with us, and contribute creatively to our project, has resulted in a website which not only delivers on our original brief, but is easy-to-navigate, accessible, and beautifully designed.

Eyedea Studio worked with us collaboratively throughout the project. Prisca and her team weren’t just “reactive” to our instructions; they were consistently pro-active – coming up with new ideas, anticipating problems, and even challenging us when they felt we were going down the wrong track. They listened to our feedback on the initial design, and throughout the process of finalising the site were always on hand to answer our questions, and to address or allay our concerns. At no point was anything “too much trouble” for them.

Above all, Prisca really engaged with our vision. She understood what Paving the Way was all about, and displayed a passion and enthusiasm for the website and its content that went well beyond what we would have expected from any designer.

A big thank you to Prisca and her team for all their hard work on the project; we were more than satisfied with the end result.

feature photo of smiling child with woman Jacqui Shurlock, project manager pavingtheway.works [case study →]

Working with Prisca and the team at Eyedea Studio is always a complete delight. She really knows her stuff, and probes her clients on minute detail that we often haven’t thought about, to make sure she delivers the best product she can. Tricky, technical asks are never too much for her, and she’ll draw on her extended networks to provide clients with what they want. At the same time, she’s sensitive to users’ needs.

Our Seeing Data website has received a huge amount of praise, from people in the data visualisation agency and many, many others. It’s been an enormous boost to our project to have had our website made by Eyedea Studio.

charts and graphs Helen Kennedy, project leader seeingdata.org [case study →]

Many thanks to Prisca and her team for the expertise, creativity, professionalism and patience they put into the design and development of our website. London Rebuilding Society has a number of projects, products and services, and it was important to us that a new site showcases all of them, but without looking cluttered. The result is exactly what we wanted – a website that is user-friendly, well designed and structured, and, importantly, easy to update and manage. Highly recommended.

feature photo Lana Hersak, site administrator londonrebuilding.com [case study →]

Prisca loves making brilliant websites. She’s not content to simply fulfil a client brief, she isn’t totally satisfied until her work is the best it can possibly be. As a client on this project, I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything, all I had to do was make a few basic decisions and provide content, Prisca did the rest. Prisca is a brilliant graphic designer who knows how to code websites to a high standard. This combination of skills is unusual and it means that she has a total vision for what a website could be. The Talk Web Design website is a great example of her creativity.

Talk Web Design icon David Watson, event organiser talkwebdesign.co.uk [case study →]

Ten years ago, I had my first website and logo designed and set up by Prisca. She was a freelance web designer who had been highly recommended to me. I wanted a funky 70s look – something very eye catching – that would impress potential clients. The final website was fantastic, and the logo Prisca designed is now recognised in the industry.

Between then and now, Prisca set up her own web design company so when the time came to update our site, we of course asked eyedea studio to do the work. With the refresh of the site, there is no doubt that it is the winning tool of our business. Everything has been set up to make it easy for us to change photos, add news and generally update content as and when necessary. The site is so well constructed!!

I have been relying on Prisca for our design work for 10 years now, and she and her team have never failed us. They contribute to our growth, as a band and a business. Thanks to the Soul Funk Secret website, I have the opportunity to broadcast my music in a very stylish and elegant way.

Talk Web Design icon Marco Abbatecola, bass player & manager soulfunksecret.com

Like most companies, we wanted to stand out from the crowd in highly competitive industries, such as ours. We saw the best way for us to achieve this was to give Prisca and her team the creative freedom to explore and create something completely different to the norm, something unique. It was essential to showcase our products in a clear and concise manner with focus on the project’s technical information and applications, and Prisca and her team nailed it.

We had a clear project plan and an agreed timeline. However, we deviated from the plan quite a lot—but that did not phase or cause any concern to Prisca or her team. They remained focused, dedicated and passionate about the project from the start to the end.

The end result is a fantastic looking and well-structured website, which in its first 3 months increased our enquiries by 43%. We have had nothing but positive responses and believe it will propel our business to the next level. I would highly recommend Prisca and her team for any web project.

Talk Web Design icon Jonathan Reed, Amron Architectural, Business Development Manager

Prisca is amazing; inspired, creative and patient. As a creative person for an art school background I wanted a website that represented me and she did this in spades. My site is beautifully clear, focused & I love it!

When I found myself overwhelmed by words like ‘permalinks’ or the difference between a ‘post’ and a ‘page’ there was a screen grab to talk me through and demystify! As a experienced teacher she is sympathetic; the language of the World Wide Web, with all it acronyms, can be daunting/intimidating to the layman. My site is my window on to the world and as such need to communicate who I am and what I do at a glance! I cannot thank her enough.

feature shot of tonicfortheheart Belinda Ackermann, Chi Kung teacher tonicfortheheart.com [case study →]

Prisca and her team saved the day! After a number of technical setbacks and delays to the original website (being set up by a different designer), we were in such a mess that I knew only someone I trusted could fix everything. I had worked with Prisca before, and I honestly do not believe anyone else would have delivered the project in such a short time.

We threw a half finished site at Prisca and the studio team, along with finished promo posters and flyers. In only two days, working until the wee hours of the morning, the Eyedea Studio delivered a fully workable, hand-coded site that fit in with our already developed colour scheme, visual theme and promotional photos.

The finished site was responsive, allowed us to get local traders’ schedules online with an updateable calendar, integrated our promotions with social media and more! And all in a beautifully designed brand package that brought everything together visually.

Thank you, Prisca, and her team, for a slick, professional, user-friendly site that helped us celebrate Southampton’s “50 years as a city” event.

vintage bus graphic Fiona Birnie, event organiser

I needed to set up a website for my husband’s business starting with a very basic logo and no brand guidelines being that it’s a small business. I approached eyedea on recommendation from my sister after they had designed her website.

For most people with limited web knowledge, like myself this could be a daunting task but Prisca made the whole process very straight forward, proving plenty of guidance with detailed project milestones and timings. Prisca responded to any queries or concerns promptly and without the jargon.

Myself and my husband are really pleased with the finished result, a professional looking website clearly showcasing his craft. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend eyedea for any website design projects.

swirl icon Alex Pollard, business manager woodtechinteriors.co.uk

If you are anything like me, and don’t know the first thing about computers, then it is fair to say we need help! After chatting with a friend about needing a website for my new business, I was recommended Prisca from Eyedea Studio Ltd.

From the reply I received after sending my initial contact email, I knew I was going to be in a safe pair of hands! I have never conducted business remotely before, so this was a first for me. With swift responses and clarity of explanations, getting my website sorted was not nearly as hard as I expected!

After giving my brief and explaining what I wanted from my site, Prisca worked with me every step of the way. She gave helpful advice and added ideas which were all the little extras that make my site even more special! I feel that, while working together, we built up a great relationship which made things so much easier and more pleasant.

I can’t thank her enough for designing my amazing web site. The response from customers has been amazing! They love how clear and easy it is to look at all the pages and leave their details for orders or questions. Prisca also set me up with a new Gmail account to capture all my business from the website, so I never miss a message!

On a personal note, I want to say thank you for making my first experience online an easy one. Your help and support was amazing and I can’t recommend you enough!!!! As my business grows and new products come along, you can be sure I will be asking for more of your help to add to my site!! Many thanks again, Prisca, and I look forward to working with you again!!
All the best, Phil

swirl icon Phil Maggs, Proprietor jjscider.co.uk